Publishing and Design

Publishing design services from BioMedES including Media Interfacing, Logo Design, Brochures and Flyers presentation and eBook preparation

Media Interfacing

We can now offer a service coverting your manuscript into popular media friendly English. Please contact us for more information.


Another of the services that BioMedES offers is the design of logos for biomedical organisations and national and international conferences. These are two examples of logos designed by BioMedES:

Brochures And Flyers

In addition to logo design and other marketing materials, BioMedES can also advise on presentation. It is important to make sure that promotional material such as brochures are of the highest quality. This applies to both well written content combined with high visual appeal.
From the initial design through to the final stage, and even event organisation, BioMedES can advise and help you present a professionally finished product. .


BioMedES prepares and publishes e-books in the field of biomedecine and has recently translated a Russian text into English. This publication is now available - see J.S. Huxley by J. Gall.

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