Copy Editing

BioMedES copy edits for a number of biomedical publishing houses and our editorial work is mainly focused on correction in the final stages of manuscript preparation. BioMedES provides professional editing and similar services to scientists and medical researchers/practioners, in particular relating to publication of data as articles in learned journals. It is especially important for authors who do not have English as their native tongue to get their papers finished in the best possible manner in order to improve the chances of these being accepted at peer review.

The company has a consistent return rate of 2-3 days for almost all our editing and polishing services over the last 5 years, and our customers regularly state their satisfaction with our promptness and for the high quality of the work. Read some of our client testimonials
Our services are not just restricted to biomedicine and we also handle many other documents that do not necessarily fall into the strict field of biomedicine, reports to governments, manuals for technology and theses.

The company is involved in the preparation and publishing of e-books in the area of biomedicine and the Director, Dr Denys Wheatley, is on the boards of a number of biomedical journals, review panels and national and international societies and has been Secretary General of the International Federation for Cell Biology since 2002.

Before a quote or editing can be done for your manuscript, it should be converted into a Word file (either Microsoft word 2003 or 2007 file) and consist of 11 point, arial font with 1.5 line spacing.

This will ensure that any formatting will be maintained during the editing process.