Manuscript Presentation and Editing

Manuscript presentation and editing services from BioMedES, including technical reports and writing and copy editing.

Technical Reports and Writing

From technical notes to e-books, we can help you with your publication problems! BioMedES helps in the preparation of scientific papers, technical reports and other (biomedical) documents. We make sure they are professionally written to the highest standard of English, are accurate grammatically and conform to the standards required to pass the strict peer review process for publication in a journal.

Copy Editing

BioMedES copy edits for a number of biomedical publishing houses and our editorial work is mainly focused on correction in the final stages of manuscript preparation. BioMedES provides professional editing and similar services to scientists and medical researchers/practioners, in particular relating to publication of data as articles in learned journals. It is especially important for authors who do not have English as their native tongue to get their papers finished in the best possible manner in order to improve the chances of these being accepted at peer review.

Manuscript Presentation and Editing

The charges for our manuscript polishing service are currently under review.  Please send a manuscript to us for an accurate quotation.

For a quote and to submit documents, please visit the Contact Page

All MS prepared by us for clients should acknowledge the assistance of BioMedES in their final publication ( this will be monitored at regular intervals)

Where small problems exist after completion of the MS, the author can enter a dialogue to resolve these matters without incurring any further charge.

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